California Lemon Law

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

California Lemon Law Lemon Law:

Are you in California and really decided to buy a car. It is always better to buy a new car as it can save you from a lot of trouble. An old car can perform well but still it can not be reliable. Can you really say which part is in which condition? The time, at which you buy it, it may perform well but suppose you need to go on a long route then can you be really sure that you are not going to be in trouble, certainly not. So I will always suggest you for buying a new car. However money can not allow you for this and you are really tied with old one. Then know about "is this vehicle was protected by Lemon Law?” If the answer is yes then good news for you. Even you are second hand buyer, this law will protect you if Protection period is not over. So you can prefer these cars. There are some fixed rules about a vehicle to be lemon. Even if your vehicle can not be declared as lemon, there are various other laws which can you protect you. Even if your vehicle cheats you on a long route, you can even claim for fare to get back to home. If you can not handle the things on your own then a lawyer can help you. But always remember to keep all the repairs in written from your mechanic. Hardly you will require a lawyer.
Used Car in california Used Car Fraud

You have taken a used car and this car is in more worst condition that you Expected or as seller told you. Question is - what to do now? You can return car and get the refund immediately. If seller does not agrees on this then you can legally force him to do so.But why you should go on this track? Pure wastage of your time. Be careful when purchasing a used car. Make a proper inspection yourself as well as hire a mechanic. Mechanic will charge you for this but this is much better than wasting your valuable time later. Some seller may deny you about Inspecting the car however they will be taking responsibility after you buy it. Never buy. Always establish a healthy way. If you do it now, other persons Will do that again and again. You are spending money and you have full rightsto inspect the used cars.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Lemon Guidelines:

A warranty period is fixed on purchasing a vehicle. If your vehicle have some specified defects and you have tried to fix it more than a reasonable no. of times (App. 4) within warranty period, Then your vehicle can be declared as lemon. Various states have different policies against lemon vehicles. Note That In some states, you can simply made a complaint and find warranty advantage while in some states, you need to hire an attorney. In case an attorney is needed, some states allows for refund of lawyer fee by loosing side. Some states law also allows for leased vehicle to be treated as "Lemon vehicle" within warranty period if defect is found. Always remember to keep a record of every repair, and save it in a document style. This will help you legally.

California Lemon law:

In Most of the cases, you need to hire a attorney against lemon car manufacturer. Even if your car not be declared as a "lemon car" (Or other vehicle), there are a number of law which can protect you. So you can at least get refund of vehicle + attorney fee.

Consumer warranty act:

This act preserves the rights of a "Lemon car Buyer". One should know exactly what the real figures for this matter are. If a manufacturer or its representative can not repair a vehicle under express warranty after a fixed number of attempts, the manufacturer must promptly replace or repurchase it under the law. If they denied for it then they can legally be forced. But vehicle should belong to California for family, business or personal use. Also note that Warranty period duration is company warranty period + time limit for taking a legal action.

Lemon Law Right:

A)If your car have a defect then Write to manufacturer.
B)If your manufacturer have a number, even then write a letter for legal reasons.
C)you can hier an attorney for manufacturer's arbitration program.
D)Read manufacturer's arbitration program rules to understand process.
E)Even if you loose in arbitration, remember that there is a higher chance that you can win in court.

Lemon Law Presumption:

A) There are special law under Warranty Act—Civil Code section 1793.22 (b) which can help you to determine about sufficient time limit in which, manufacturer was unable to repair your vehicle. These are:
a) if for the same problem you have taken your vehicle to manufacturer four or more times or your vehicle was a cause of serious injury or death.
b) The four repair attempts or 30 days out of service within first 18 months that you own your car or first 18,000 miles, whichever happens first. (As on January 2000).
c) The problems are covered by the warranty and substantially impair the use, value or safety of the vehicle.
d)You must directly notify the manufacturer about the problem according to law.
But what if i have bought car from another person. Will I get advantage of this law? Answer is "Yes, why not”. If a car is sold then new buyer also have advantage of remaining warranty period. Car door should have a sticker named as "Lemon". If seller can prove that you have not handled the car carefully then he can even claim for attorney fee.